Pneumatic Ceramic Ball Valve for Blast Furnace Shop, Complex of Pulverized Coal Injection FuelPneumatic Ceramic Ball Valve for Blast Furnace Shop, Complex of Pulverized Coal Injection Fuel

Pneumatic Ceramic Ball Valve for Blast Furnace Shop, Complex of Pulverized Coal Injection Fuel

Customer: *****Metallurgical plant

The mounting location: Blast furnace shop, complex of pulverized coal injection fuel

Type: Pneumatic Ceramic Ball Valve

Seal: Stuffing box packing

Nominal diameter DN ,mm: 50, 80, 100

PN nominal pressure , kgf/cm2: 16

Pp pworking pressure , kgf/cm2: 10

Working environment: 

Сhemical composition: Nitrogen + coal dust (N2 + coal dust) Fraction to 0.074 mm-90٪ by weight.

Aggregative state: gaseous state

Temperature, ºС: from 50 to 80

The pressure after the valve P2 , kgf/cm2: 0

Min. differential pressure , kgf/cm2: 16

Case Material: Stainless steel.сталь 1.4301


The maximum pressure differential in closed position , kgf/cm2: 16

Tightness in the gate according to GOST: A

Connection to the pipeline: Flange connection


Supply pressure , kgf/cm2: 4-5

The position in the absence of air: Hold the position

Accessories: limit switch, position sensor, filter regulator, the manual override, counter flanges, gaskets, fasteners


The size of the pipe DH x S , mm: 63х8; 89х6; 108х6

Ambient temperature , ° C: from -10 to +80

Additional requirements - pneumatic dispenser with magnetic valve, double solenoid (5/2-way function with two clauses). In the absence of air, the valve keeps the position. 

The position of valve - horizontal.

Additional requirements ceramic valve:

Case material: stainless steel 1.4301;

Ball material: ZrO2 ( cast ceramics without coating);

Sleeve material ball: Al2O3 (cast ceramics without coating);

Material spring loaded o-ring: Al2O3 (cast ceramics without coating);

The taper sleeve material: Al2O3 (cast ceramics without coating);

Sleeve material for abrasion protection: Al2O (cast ceramics without coating);

The desired service life of valves in high-abrasion – 5 years;

The number of cycles of valve operation, a day mode, open/close – 50 cycles


Техническое описание / Technical description

оборудования, поставляемого по контракту № 1884 от 01.09.2017 года / for the Equipment shipped due Contract 1884 dd Sept. 01, 2017, Specification 1


Пневматический керамический шаровой кран (чертеж QCOS-Q641TC-16P) представляет собой шаровой вентиль с внутренними элементами, непосредственно контактирующими с рабочей средой, из керамики. Регулирующий элемент в форме шара с отверстием, вращаясь вокруг собственной оси, осуществляет пропуск рабочей среды (смеси азота и угольной пыли).

Материал изготовления шара – оксид циркония (твердость эквивалента по шкале Мооса 7,5), переходной прокладки – оксид алюминия (твердость эквивалента по шкале Мооса 9), корпуса – нержавеющая сталь.

Устанавливается на трубопроводе комплекса пылеугольного топлива (ПУТ) для сброса избыточного давления с продувочных бункеров.

Поставляется на монтажной основе в комплекте с пневмоприводом, фланцами и крепежными деталями.

Производитель: FOYO Valve Co., Limited, Китай.


Pneumatic Ceramic Ball VALVE drawing QCOS-Q641TC-16P is ball valve with internal elements made of ceramics, which directly in contact with the working environment/ The regulating element in the form of a ball with an aperture, rotating around its own axis proceeds the working environment (a mixture of nitrogen and coal dust).



The manufacturing material of the ball is zirconium oxide (hardness equivalent to the Mohs scale of 7.5), Seat/Lining is alumina oxide (hardness equivalent to the Mohs scale 9), the shell is stainless steel.

Is mounted on the pipeline of the pulverized coal complex (PUT) to relieve excess pressure from the purge bins.


Supplied on a mounting base complete with pneumatic drive, flanges and fasteners.


Manufacturer: FOYO Valve Co., Limited, China.


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