Ceramic Knife Gate Valves

Brand : FOYO

Product origin : XIAMEN

Delivery time : 30 DAYS

Supply capacity : 200 PCS



Ceramic Knife Gate Valves



Pressure Rating

PN6, PN10,PN16, CL150

Body Material


Trim Material

Knife gate: SS201, SS304, SS316  + Nitriding, Hard Chrome, Tungsten Carbide, Stellite. Seats: Ceramics

End Connection

Lug Type, Wafer Type, EN1092-1,  DIN 2501, ASME B16.5

Typical Applications:

Knife gate valves have simple structure and knife gates can cut off medium which contains solid particles and fibers, but for some very hard particles or serious erosive mediums, general metal seated knife gate valves will be washed out easily. As a professional and experienced ceramic valve manufacturer, FOYO also developed ceramic knife gate valves to solve this problem.

FOYO’s ceramic knife gate valves are very suitable for those mediums containing  firbers and hard solid particles, such as below listed typical applications: Mining slag,Coal washing,Ash Slurry,Suspension,Ash,Grain,Quartz Sand,Metallurgical dust,Ores,Granules.

Design Features:

Product type

1. Ceramic knife gate valves have one piece integral body design to reduce  flow resistance

2. Inlet seat and outlet seat are ceramics materials. Because high hardness and high strength of high pure 99% Al2O3 ceramics, Foyo ceramic knife gate valves have much longer service life than general metal seated knife gate valves in similar conditions.

3. The gates of ceramic knife gate valves are hardened with nitriding treatment, Tungsten carbide T.C. or hard Chrome to improve working performance.

4. Several structures of ceramic knife gate valves are available on customers' requirement.

5. The actuation of FOYO ceramic knife gate valves can be hand wheel, pneumatic cylinder, electric motor and hydraulic actuator, special requirements are available on customer’s requirement.

Temperature range


Valve tightness

Leakage rate of FOYO ceramic knife gate valves is as per MSS SP 81-2001 40ml/inch.

Design standards

Valve body MSS SP 81-2001

Face-to-Face: MSS SP 81-2001

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