Partial Lined Ceramic Ball Valves

Brand : FOYO

Product origin : XIAMEN

Delivery time : 30 DAYS

Supply capacity : 300 PCS



Partial Lined Ceramic Ball Valves



Pressure Rating

PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,PN63,CL150,CL300,CL600,JIS 10K, JIS 16K , JIS 20K, JIS 40K

Body Material

A105, SS304, SS316, SS316L, F51, 2205

Trim Material

ZrO2, 99% Al2O3,99.7%Al2O3,SSIC, STC, Si3N4

End Connection

Flange End as per ASME B16.5, EN1092-1, JIS B2220, Butt Welding End as per ASME B16.25

Typical Applications:

In some applications,medium is slight or no corrosion, while the main problem is wear or sometimes working temperature is higher than 200 ℃, PFA and PTFE lined ball valves are not suitable due to the abrasion and high temperature, meanwhile traditional metal seated ball valves might be corroded by the corrosive medium. In these applications, partial lined ceramic ball valve is developed by FOYO for these following typical applications and some other similar services: Gypsum Slurry,Plaster,High pressure gas contains particles,High temperature abrasive mediums,Mining Ore,Sand,Thermal Power plant FGD,Petroleum Solid Catalyst,Bulk Material.

Design Features:

1. 2-piece cast body or 3 piece forged body design: Depending on customer’s request and requirements of specific applications,body of partial lined ceramic ball valves could be cast steel or forged steel. Generally for low pressure and low temperature applications, cast body is a cost-effective option, but for high pressure and high temperature applications, we recommend forged body for partial lined ceramic ball valves.

2. Stainless Steel Body with ceramic ball and seats:

Since the main problem to be solved is abrasion of sealing face, ceramic ball and seats with high hardness can fulfill this requirement. The steel body is strengthened to protect ceramic trim. Because of the reliable structure, partial lined ceramic ball valves can be designed as high pressure valves up to CL600, and high temperature ball valves up to 500℃.

3. Various Face-to-Face Dimension and connection ends: 

Since body is forged steel, face-to-face dimension and connection ends can be designed and machined as per customers’ special requirements; therefore there is no need to modify current pipelines. Besides flanged ends, screwed and welded ends are also available for FOYO partial lined ceramic ball valves, as per customer’s special requirements.

4. Corrosion Resistant: 

We use pure alumina and zirconia ceramics for ball and seats, so ceramic ball and seats have excellent performance in corrosive applications, that’s why partial lined ceramic ball valves have much longer life time than plastic seated and metal seated ball valves.

5. Abrasion Resistant: 

Of course, the main purpose of installing partial lined ceramic ball valves is to solve abrasion problems. High pure alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, solid tungsten carbide and silicon nitride materials are all available for FOYO partial lined ceramic ball valves. So for almost all kinds of aggressive applications, partial lined ceramic ball valves have been proved to be a smart choice. These aggressive applications include high temperature applications up to 600 ℃, high pressure applications up to 160bar, and extreme abrasive mediums like silicon powder, iron ore, coal powder, etc.

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