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  • Application and advantage of advanced structure ceramics applied to industrial valves

Application and advantage of advanced structure ceramics applied to industrial valves

Application and advantage of advanced structure ceramics applied to industrial valves

As a new material applied to industrial field, structure ceramics has been paid more and more attention by technicians and researchers. It is a good and bold trial to apply advanced structure ceramics to industry valves. Advanced structure could be used for many different fields. New ceramic material includes high pure Al2O3 ceramic ,ZrO2 ceramic ,Si3N4 ceramic,Sic ceramics and so on, which have performance of anti-corrosive, anti-abrasive, high pressure and high temperature. These ceramics have been widely used for thermal power plant, oil, chemical, metallurgy, mining, paper mill and so on.

Advantage of structure ceramic valves:

1. Adopting high-tech new structure ceramic as the sealing parts and quick-wear parts which can increase the anti-corrosive and anti-abrasive performance of valves. High hardness of structure ceramics has good anti-abrasive performance, which can help to increase the service life of valve used for many abrasive working conditions. Service life of ceramic valves is 2-4 times of special alloy steel valves like titanium valves and monel valves, which decreases cost of maintenance and replacement.

2. Usage of advanced ceramic valves can decrease times of maintenance, increase safety and stability of supporting facilities, decrease labor strength and save cost of maintenance.

3. Ceramic valves can increase sealing performance of pipe system, avoid of leaking to the most extent and protect environment positively.

4. Raw material for making ceramic is very wide and cheap. Advanced ceramic is made from Al, C, Si and other general elements, which can save quantity of metal material and rare mineral resource.

5. Ceramic valves has much more advantage than any other material valves when applying to high-hardness, high-abrasive medium with solids or corrosive medium with soft particles. Ceramic valves are also the only valve that suite for these medium currently.

Ceramic valves can be used for high corrosive and strong abrasive working medium. Especially, ceramic vales has a longer service life and better working performance than other any metal valves. With the development of science and technology, ceramic valves become more and more mature in terms of machining, design, assembling and formula. Making use of successful experience of producing ceramic valves, ceramic valves can be used for other more corrosive and abrasive working conditions.

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