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  • Full lined ceramic valve applied to pneumatic conveying project of Lithium battery anode material

Full lined ceramic valve applied to pneumatic conveying project of Lithium battery anode material

Full lined ceramic valve applied to pneumatic conveying project of Lithium battery anode material

      HG company is a big project company with good reputation who deals with all kinds matched equipments for pneumatic conveying system. HG offers complete sets of pneumatic conveying system and equipment for different type of bulk powder conveying project.

    FOYO and HG keep good cooperation relationship for years. FOYO is approved as qualified supplier to offer ceramic valves and ceramic pipes for pneumatic conveying project of HG.



LG company in Zhejiang is professional in studying and developing lithium battery. Lithium battery is new energy which gets more and more attention. Production capacity increases day by day hugely. Most anode Material of lithium battery is micron powder material. There is a tender that anode material will be tinier and tinier. Because it is very tiny, this is easier to fly in the air. Production environment is very severe and material recycle is very difficult while cost is high. Old original production method needs updating to suit modern current industry. Pneumatic conveying makes it possible to fulfill automatic production and unmanned workshop.


Advantages of pneumatic conveying of anode material for lithium battery production

1.         Closed pipe transportation can achieve closed production

2.         Dust is reduced, then production capacity increased

3.         Reduce usage of workers. Currently, it is difficult to recruit workers every factory. Meanwhile, cost of workers increases every year, so it is a tender that machine will replace workers.

4.         Reduce human factor and increase production efficiency

5.         Reduce human factor and raise production quality

     For pipe line of anode material conveying, metal valves will be abraded easily and metal impurities will pollute medium. Based on this condition, fully lined ceramic ball valve made by FOYO is the best choice. All part that will be in touch with medium are lined with ceramics, so medium will not be in touch with metal parts. Because hardness of ceramic is super high which will not be eroded by medium so that medium will be not be polluted by metal impurities.


     Recently, FOYO produced 28 sets of pneumatic actuated fully lined ceramic ball valve are ready for shipment.  FOYO and HG have cooperated several times for similar projects with successful usage experience and performance. Currently, FOYO fully lined ceramic ball valves are widely used for many pneumatic conveying systems of anode material for lithium battery and gets approval and affirmation from end-user by good quality, high stability and good service.


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