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Ceramic ball valve applied for ammonia and copper powder

Ceramic ball valve applied for ammonia and copper powder

Type: Pneumatic Ceramic Ball Valve for High Temperature Slurry contains ammonia and copper powder 

Size: DN100 Reduced to DN50

Pressure Rating: PN63

Body: F304 Stainless Steel 

Ball: Tungsten Carbide Ceramics

Seats and Lining: 99.5% Al2O3 Ceramics

Stem: Hastelloy C276

O-Ring: FFKM

Ammonia has strong corrosive performance: 4Mpa copper powder slurry has strong abrasive character and working temperature is 280,which will be a challenge for valve sealing. 

End user from Italy has problem of service life and easily-leakage for valves applying to this working condition. Under high temperature and strong abrasive, soft sealing valve is obviously not a good choice, even if metal sealing valve could only work for a short time. Before using Foyo ceramic ball valves, end user used Japanese Perrin metal sealing ball valve, whose service life is less than 6 months and easier to get leaked. Frequent replacement and maintenance increase cost a lot. 

According to the current problem that customer meets, FOYO offered a professional ceramic lining and sealing ceramic ball valves as a solution. For convenient installment, we design this ceramic ball valve based on current dimensions. 

Since March 2016, Foyo ceramic ball valve has been used for more than one year and works quite well. The estimated service life of this ceramic ball valve should be around three years, which is much better than old-used valves and saves cost of purchasing valves, replacement and maintenance.

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