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Wear and Corrosion protection - Foyo ceramic valves

Wear and Corrosion protection - Foyo ceramic valves

Foyo Valve has succeeded in making its mark worldwide as one of the most important providers of solutions for wear and corrosion protection, based on high-performance ceramics. Everywhere where highly abrasive materials are conveyed, ceramic linings made by Foyo can provide protection from wear and corrosion. Typical fields of application are machines and equipment in steel plants, foundries, mineral extraction plants, processing and preparation plants, in the pulp and paper industry as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in power plants (coal, wood, solid fuel materials), cement plants, and in concrete plants and concrete conveying.

User and material specific engineering enable the production of a great variety of different components with a high dimensional accuracy. Additional scopes of application are continuously developed for ALOTEC products as part of composite systems together with steel and polymers. Foyo develops, manufactures and assembles system integral components and complete systems for a great variety of applications.

Some examples are cleaners/cyclones, made of the composite materials ceramics and polyurethane. In comparison to ceramic/steel composites, their weight is considerably lower.

Further examples are tubes with ceramic linings   or in run tracks for ski jumps which were installed on the Olympic ski jumps at Torino or at Bischofshofen.

Solutions for wear and corrosion protection by means of high-performance ceramics made by Foyo signify increased service life for plants and machines and consequently, cost reductions. In this way, the economic efficiency of production is increased, and last but not least - your customer’s satisfaction.

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